YMCA Summer Talent Showcase

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The Pinellas County Urban League, through its Black-on-Black Crime Prevention Program, attended the Childs Park YMCA Talent Showcase.  This event marked the end of the 2012 Summer Program hosted by the YMCA.  Many community activist, parents, friends and supporters gathered at the YMCA activity room to cheer on the children for their efforts in reading, dance, drumming, art and more.

As a community partner, The BOBCPP encourages you to get involved with our children, encourage their positive growth and development, and speak words of kindness and love into their lives.  They are our light and future.  Let us treat them as such.

For more information about how you can make a change by Empowering Communities   Changing Lives, call 727.327.2081 extension 119.


Don’t Get Scammed

Florida’s Department of Agriculture Commissioner, Adam Putnam issued the following in the Florida Consumer e-Newslette:


“Government” Scams – Be Aware

Every year, consumers lose billions of dollars to scammers claiming to be officials from government agencies and legitimate businesses. Recently, the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services has noticed an increase in complaints regarding consumers who have been contacted by individuals falsely claiming to be from government agencies. These scammers attempt to get money or personal information for purposes of identity theft. Although elderly consumers tend to be disproportionately targeted, anyone can be a victim.

Variations of the scam that have been reported include:

  • A representative claiming to be from the local electric company knocks on your door and informs you that the government has a special program to assist you in paying your utility bill. You’ll then be pressured into disclosing your Social Security number to apply for the program. In return, you’ll receive a bogus routing and account number to provide to the utility company as payment.
  • Your phone rings and a person claiming to represent Medicare informs you that they are issuing a new national Medicare card to all beneficiaries. The caller asks for the number on your current Medicare card and your mailing address for “verification purposes.” They may also ask for bank information, claiming that they can provide a new Medicare card, but for a fee.
  • A person claiming to be from the State Attorney’s office calls to inform you that they have received restitution on your behalf. The caller requests that you send money, by wire transfer or another untraceable method, to cover the “filing fees.”
  • You receive an email from someone claiming tp represent the United States Department of State. The email will inform you of an inheritance from another country that belongs to you. All you have to do is provide your personal information such as your bank account number or Social Security number. You may also receive a request to wire fees to cover your taxes in advance.

Here are a few tips to help protect you from becoming a victim of a scam:

  • Know who you are dealing with by obtaining and then confirming the identity of the person requesting information from you. Be wary of verifying an individual’s identity by contacting a number they have given you. Scammers will give a potential victim a phone number and then have a third party available to verify their identity.
  • Do not give your checking account number or Social Security number in response to solicitations from unknown individuals.
  • Be wary of anyone requiring payment by a method that’s difficult to track, such as wire transfer, money order or by sending cash via an overnight courier. This is usually one of the first indications of a scam.
    Get details in writing before signing any agreements, sending money or giving out any credit card or bank information.
  • Take your time and resist the urge to act quickly no matter how good the offer is. It’s better to think things through than make an impulsive decision based on an emotional whim. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
  • Be wary of unsolicited emails. Cyber criminals may use the names of government agencies or law firms and spoofed email or web addresses to add legitimacy to their scams.
  • If you do seek assistance in dealing with a business transaction, remember that state consumer protection agencies do not charge fees for complaint mediation or for accepting and processing consumer refunds.

The department is available to assist consumers who have received unsolicited calls or visits and are concerned about the possibility of fraud. We’ll assist you in finding answers for any consumer related questions you may have or direct you to the best resource for assistance. Please call 1-800-HELP-FLA (435-7352) within Florida, 1-800-FL-AYUDA (352-9832) en Español, (850) 410-3800 from outside of Florida or visit us online at www.800helpfla.com. The Consumer Assistance Center is staffed with trained analysts who answer more than 218,000 calls and emails annually from consumers and businesses. Through our website, youll find the department’s online A-Z Resource Guide, a directory of agencies and other resources that consumers can utilize to find appropriate assistance on a wide variety of subjects. As always, an educated consumer is the best defense against fraud and deception!



We have a Winner!!

Today, the Pinellas County Urban League, through its Black-on-Black Crime Prevention Program, announced a winner of the raffle held at the Sweetbay Supermarket Black History Festival on Saturday, February 11, 2012.

Miss Jeane Bryant, a local student, was the holder of the lucky ticket.  She is now the owner of a $25.00 SunTrust Visa gift card.  Jeane attended the festival, and recieved her gift card, with her mother, Audra Bryant.  Both mother and daughter were happy to receive this post-Valentine present.  Because the card is issued by Visa, it is accepted anywhere the Visa logo is displayed.

Jeane said she gathered information about the PCUL NULITES youth group while she was at the festival.  “I am always looking for positive things to do after school”, said Jeane.  The National Urban League’s Initiative To Excel And Succeed (NULITES) is a youth oriented group, supported by adult advisors, but managed and administered by youth.  The group elects leaders, selects projects and maintains responsibility for supporting its activities through successful fundraising planned by the membership.

For more information about BOBCPP or NULITES, please call Michaael Adekunle at (727) 328-1968 or send an e-mail to madekunle@pcul.org

PCUL Staff and Rotary Club of Saint Petersburg Midtown Read to JPASS

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On Wednesday, April 4, 2012, Jordan Park After School Success (JPASS) Program was the surprise recipients of books and a reading session led by local businessman, Mr. Gershom Faulkner and staff from the Pinellas County Urban League.  Books were donated by the Rotary Club of Saint Petersburg Midtown, which accepts the Rotary International motto and challenge to place Service Above Self.  Mr. Faulkner and Urban League staffer, Michael Adekunle, are charter members of the club, which has become more visible since forming last November.  Individual members donated books after being inspired by Rotary International’s support of literacy projects and promotion of March as Literacy Month.

According to Faulkner, who is also a member of the Black-on-Black Task Force at the Pinellas County Urban League, “if everyone gives a little toward making the world a better place, we could do so much.”  This, and other ideas from the Task Force, serves as the focus for work performed by BOBCPP staff.  Preventing crime is neither a onetime act, nor is it the sole responsibility of any one entity.  A small part of preventing crime and making the world a better place rests in supporting youth in their pursuit of dreams and goals that inspire greatness.

Students and adults shared in reading from the book, The Little Engine That Could.  This childhood favorite for many is indeed still a classic and joy for youngsters.  The youth, ranging in age from five years to twelve, chuckled and rooted for the little blue engine to make it over the mountain to deliver the toys and food to all the fictitious children in the valley.  Adekunle stressed that the youth, “should never lose your desire to read.  It is your ticket to anywhere.  Reading supports your dreams and turns them into reality.”

You can get involved.  Contact the Pinellas County Urban League at (727) 327-2081 extension 119 or by e-mail to madekunle@pcul.org.  For more information about the Pinellas County Urban League, please visit www.pcul.org.  Rotary International information is found at www.Rotary.org.

BOBCPP Attends Mavericks High Community Vendor Fair


On Thursday March 8, 2012 staff participated as a vendor in the Maverick High School Community Resource Fair from 9:30 AM until 2:30 PM.  Filling in for the Pinellas County Urban League’s Career Connection Center, staff had a great time interacting with students, faculty and administrators at this unique educational facility.  With the resource fair serving as a platform for disseminating general organizational information and offering specifics about programs interesting to youth , this opportunity was a good match for the BOBCPP. Staff is grateful for the assistance of Ms. Paysha Royal, a student at Mavericks High School, for her work gathering student signatures, stuffing bags and offering various handouts provided to her classmates. 


Mavericks High Schools were established to provide an educational choice to students who have dropped out of school or may be in danger of dropping out. Using 21st Century technology and a focus on individualized attention, Mavericks High Schools offer students, who are challenged by the traditional approach to learning, the opportunity to earn a state-recognized high school diploma. This high-tech high provides students, ages 15-21, a strong research-based curriculum and support for pursuing continuing education or a suitable vocation.   Mavericks High places a high degree of importance upon core curriculum toward the achievement of competency in the fundamental subjects that are necessary for gainful employment and/or continuing education. High school graduation is the acknowledgment and the reward for meeting the benchmarks established that define a level of competency in all required high school subject areas. A high school diploma confirms an important and recognized milestone of academic achievement.


Students who have elected to attend Mavericks High Schools, like so many students in urban areas, face many challenges.  Administrators provided the fair to expose the students to a wide variety of resource options that exist to help them in achieving their goals.  Also represented at the event were the Pinellas County Public Health Office, Sickle Cell Anemia Society, Operation PAR, Pinellas County Supervisor of Elections, ASAP, and more.  More than most, these students recognize that they control their destiny, and they work hard to ensure personal success.  Consequently, there was a lot of foot traffic to the table.


Staff became engaged in the stories of individual students by discussing their goals, listening to their challenges and offering suggestions for surmounting a variety of problems presented.


Students demonstrated interest in winning a raffle of a $25.00 Visa gift card.  Sixty-three people became eligible for the drawing.  Ms. Joyce Jones was the selected winner of the raffle, and has picked up her winnings at the League’s headquarters building, located at 333 -31st Street North in Saint Petersburg, Florida.


Founded in 1977, the Pinellas County Urban League is the premier social service and civil rights organization in Pinellas County.  We are one of the National Urban League’s network of non-profit, community-based affiliates located throughout the united states.  The Urban League is a member agency of United Way since 1981.  The League operates social service programs throughout Pinellas County and serves those in need of career development, education, employment services, tutoring, energy assistance, crime prevention services, health screening and education services and housing weatherization.  More information about the Urban League can be obtained from our website, www.pcul.org or by calling (727) 327-2081.


Gift Card Winners Chosen!! – Please call staff to claim your prize.

Today the Pinellas County Urban League, through its Black-on-Black Crime Prevention program,  announces a winner for a SunTrust Visa Gift Card.  Utilizing a random drawing, ticket number 554340 was drawn as the winner.  A telephone call has been placed to the registered owner, who now has until noon on Wednesday, February 15, 2012 to call and make arrangements to claim the prize, a $25.00 SunTrust Visa Gift Card.

Alternate winners have been selected in the event that the primary winner does not meet the deadline to claim the prize. 

If you hold this ticket, please call BOBCPP staff, Michael Adekunle at (727) 328-1968 or send an e-mail to madekunle@pcul.org.

BOBCPP Represents at Sweetbay Black Heritage Festival

On Saturday, February 11, 2012 the parking lot of the Sweetbay Supermarket in Tangerine Plaza became the sight of a community festival.  Estimates of up to four hundred people attended this family-friendly gathering of merchants, service providers, entertainers and others who filled the lot with goods, food, music, laughter and information for all.  The Pinellas County Urban League, through its Black-on Black Crime Prevention Program, created a table display to share information about the organization and current service offerings. 

Program staff, aided by employee volunteers Cyndi Robinson-Myrick and Tammye Wright-Miller, made connections to in-house offerings such as the NULITES, the PCUL youth club modeled on the National Urban League’s Initiative To Excel And Succeed, and job placement services rendered through the Career Connection Center.  Equally important were the external referrals that were made to organizations such as The 100 Black Men of Tampa bay, The American Cancer Society, Boy Scouts of America, St. Petersburg Police Athletic League and more.  Said BOBCPP staff member, Michael Adekunle, “We offer some great services at the Urban League, but we do not, nor could we offer everything for everybody.   So, we build relationships with others and make connections when mutual goals are shared between the parties.” 

The event was not all-laborious work!  Staff and volunteers were seen dancing and singing to the R&B sounds produced by John Johnson and his band.  How stoppers like the Imagination Station Day Care students, a group of students aging from 2 to 4 years old, received a standing ovation for their leadership through the song, “Lift Every Voice and Sing”, also known as the Negro National Anthem.  Many performances by praise groups, local singers and dancers kept workers and festival-goers in high spirits for the whole day.

The Pinellas County Urban League conducted a raffle for a $25.00 SunTrust Visa Gift Card.  Nearly 40 people signed up for a chance to win, and all walked away knowing a little more about the League, its offerings and its partners.  Kelly Schnur, a participant representing the health care industry said, “I didn’t know that the Urban league offers tutorial assistance for nursing students.”  She shared this information with others in her group, and many immediately asked for more information on this valuable service.

The BOBCPP strives to be a valuable community resource.  Please call Michael Adekunle at (727) 328-1968, or contact him by e-mail at madekunle@pcul.org, to share or receive information about events and activities of interest to the community.  Remember, the League and its programs are here for the purpose of –

Empowering Communities

Changing Lives