Gift Card Winners Chosen!! – Please call staff to claim your prize.

Today the Pinellas County Urban League, through its Black-on-Black Crime Prevention program,  announces a winner for a SunTrust Visa Gift Card.  Utilizing a random drawing, ticket number 554340 was drawn as the winner.  A telephone call has been placed to the registered owner, who now has until noon on Wednesday, February 15, 2012 to call and make arrangements to claim the prize, a $25.00 SunTrust Visa Gift Card.

Alternate winners have been selected in the event that the primary winner does not meet the deadline to claim the prize. 

If you hold this ticket, please call BOBCPP staff, Michael Adekunle at (727) 328-1968 or send an e-mail to


BOBCPP Represents at Sweetbay Black Heritage Festival

On Saturday, February 11, 2012 the parking lot of the Sweetbay Supermarket in Tangerine Plaza became the sight of a community festival.  Estimates of up to four hundred people attended this family-friendly gathering of merchants, service providers, entertainers and others who filled the lot with goods, food, music, laughter and information for all.  The Pinellas County Urban League, through its Black-on Black Crime Prevention Program, created a table display to share information about the organization and current service offerings. 

Program staff, aided by employee volunteers Cyndi Robinson-Myrick and Tammye Wright-Miller, made connections to in-house offerings such as the NULITES, the PCUL youth club modeled on the National Urban League’s Initiative To Excel And Succeed, and job placement services rendered through the Career Connection Center.  Equally important were the external referrals that were made to organizations such as The 100 Black Men of Tampa bay, The American Cancer Society, Boy Scouts of America, St. Petersburg Police Athletic League and more.  Said BOBCPP staff member, Michael Adekunle, “We offer some great services at the Urban League, but we do not, nor could we offer everything for everybody.   So, we build relationships with others and make connections when mutual goals are shared between the parties.” 

The event was not all-laborious work!  Staff and volunteers were seen dancing and singing to the R&B sounds produced by John Johnson and his band.  How stoppers like the Imagination Station Day Care students, a group of students aging from 2 to 4 years old, received a standing ovation for their leadership through the song, “Lift Every Voice and Sing”, also known as the Negro National Anthem.  Many performances by praise groups, local singers and dancers kept workers and festival-goers in high spirits for the whole day.

The Pinellas County Urban League conducted a raffle for a $25.00 SunTrust Visa Gift Card.  Nearly 40 people signed up for a chance to win, and all walked away knowing a little more about the League, its offerings and its partners.  Kelly Schnur, a participant representing the health care industry said, “I didn’t know that the Urban league offers tutorial assistance for nursing students.”  She shared this information with others in her group, and many immediately asked for more information on this valuable service.

The BOBCPP strives to be a valuable community resource.  Please call Michael Adekunle at (727) 328-1968, or contact him by e-mail at, to share or receive information about events and activities of interest to the community.  Remember, the League and its programs are here for the purpose of –

Empowering Communities

Changing Lives

Crime Prevention Program Vocal through St. Petersburg CONA


The Pinellas County Urban League, through the Black-on-Black Crime Prevention Program, participated in the 2012 Council of Neighborhood Associations’ (CONA) annual goal setting and planning session on February 4, 2012.  The activity, held at the SunCoast Hospice Center, 3050 1st Avenue South in Saint Petersburg, offers residents the opportunity to influence city priorities by working together and sharing the collective voice of all neighborhood associations.  Mayor Bill Foster set the tone for the meeting by thanking residents for their commitment to the city.  “We want people to love the city,” said Foster.  During his remarks, he stressed the need for more dialog, new ideas and a renewed energy to overcome many of the challenges created by the economic downturn that rippled through the global economy.

Represented by staff and BOBCPP Task Force member, Gershom Faulkner, the program and its constituents spoke in favor of increasing collaboration between CONA and youth groups as a way to strengthen community ties, further reduce crime rates and beautify communities through multiple small-scale projects.  Advocates for increasing neighborhood participation within the Council structure, session participants agreed that CONA must make a greater effort to reach the community with its message and then follow up with training, coaching and resource sharing for communities that need help organizing and managing an association.  Presently, only 32 of the city’s 74 neighborhoods are active within CONA.  The group identified the need to understand why communities fail to participate as a top priority.

Information about CONA is available from its website.  For more information on how the Black-on-Black Crime Prevention Program may assist you, please call (727) 328-1968.