Thanks SPC Midtown SGA

On Monday, November 7, 2011 BOB Staff presented before the Student Government Association of the St. Petersburg College Midtown Center.  The invitation came as a result of an introduction during the recent LAWFEST 2011 event held at the Center.  SGA member Jacquan Livingston began a conversation with staff and made the invitation.  Said Livingston, “We are all about making life better for the students here at SPC.  If you offer services that can make a difference, we need to know.”  The presentation provided the student-leaders with an overview of the League’s programs, history and purpose.  Staff demonstrated the relevance of the affiliate network and local programing during this current economic crisis.

Interested in learning more?  Staff will present to your group upon request.  Contact Michael Adekunle at (727) 328-1968 or



Lawfest Prize Received


Congratulations are in order for Ms. Yolanda Johnson, winner of the Lawfest 2011 Raffle for a gift card.  Ms. Johnson attended the Lawfest hosted by Success Unlimited: Women and Youth Business Center, Inc.  This event offered the public direct access to judges, attorneys, city departments and social services.  Many were able to fully resolve legal matters, while others received referrals for additional followup.  Many thanks to Momma Tee Lassiter and Dr. Shirley for the vision to begin this service.

The Pinellas County Urban League, through its BOB Crime Prevention Program, partners with entities demonstrating an interest in creating, developing and implementing strategies that reduce criminal activity or mitigate the impact of crime in the Black community.  More information about the program can be received by calling (727) 329-1968 or by e-mail at